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What to do,
what to visit?

A short drive away lies Reims, capital of the Champagne region. The city counts four Michelin-starred restaurants and three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among these are the Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral, the Palais du Tau and the Saint-Rémi Basilica.

Visit the Champagne Hillsides, and the town of Epernay. Enjoy its renowned ‘Champagne Avenue’ (Avenue de Champagne), a beautiful street lined with some of the greatest Champagne brands. Champagne cellars are a must-see, and a pillar of French and local tradition.

A neighboring village is home to a gourmet restaurant where guests can experience the finest of French cuisine. On demand, the restaurant's chef Denis can cater and serve lunch, dinner or breakfast at the Château itself. Or you can have a cooking class with the chef in the Château's kitchen.

The beaches of Lac du Der are nearby. Many birds can be observed there and in particular common cranes which live by thousands along the lake. Taste local champagne from the many winemakers in the charming village of Bassuet.


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